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Pathways of Hope

The Grief Experience

Grief is a universal experience that touches everyone at some point along life’s journey. It is a normal and natural response to loss and the changes it brings. Whether it be through the death of a loved one, friend or pet, a divorce or the loss of a job, we are exposed to the pounding waves of change that ultimately reshape our lives.

Pathways of Hope at Ohio’s Hospice LifeCare provides a comprehensive program of compassionate care for all individuals experiencing the impact of serious illness and loss.

Bereavement support services are an extension of the hospice philosophy which encompasses the entire family as a unit of care. Supportive services are offered to hospice families and individuals in the community to help them cope with the loss of a loved one.



  • Feeling unusually tired, a tightness in the throat or chest, an empty feeling in the stomach and a loss of appetite
  • Feeling restless and having difficulty sleeping
  • Feeling that the loss is not real, that it did not actually happen
  • Sensing the loved one’s presence by hearing his/her voice or seeing his/her face
  • Feeling remorse, guilt, anger and/or relief
  • Crying at unexpected times
  • Experiencing guilt when feeling good
  • Feeling angry with God; questioning spiritual beliefs and values

While the grief experience can be very lonely and confusing, it can also be a time of self-discovery and growth. This is why it is important for people to grieve in a healthy way — a way that empowers them to confront their pain and embrace the challenge of reclaiming their joy.

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