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Senior Citizens Make an Impact on Our Mission

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the Baby Boomer generation is giving the most hours of volunteer service in the U.S. The hours senior citizens give toward volunteering do not go unnoticed. A majority of volunteers supporting our mission are senior citizens, who make a significant difference in the lives of our patients and families in many ways, every day.

Here are some examples of how senior volunteers stay active and change lives by generously gifting their time to our not-for-profit organization:

Being Present

Senior Volunteer

Senior volunteers help support caregivers of our patients by providing respite care. This includes listening or reading to patients, playing music or simply providing a comforting presence.

Caring Creativity

Senior Citizen Volunteer

We embrace the talents of our senior volunteers and help them shine through their creativity. Knitting blankets, arranging flower beds or recording life stories are very comforting to patients and families.

Helping Through Driving

Senior Volunteer

Whether it’s delivering medications or transporting family members to visit their loved one wherever we provide care, a senior volunteer with a clean driving record and driver’s license can drive their vehicle and give our patients and families one less worry.

Honoring Veterans

Senior Volunteers

As part of our American Pride Program, Veteran Care by Ohio’s Hospice, Veteran volunteers can take part in a pinning ceremony that honors our Veteran patients for their service in the U.S. military.

Office Help

Senior Citizen Volunteer

Senior volunteers, especially those who have had administrative careers, can support our office needs with medical records, filing, computer data entry, mailings, phone calls and more.

These opportunities and more can help those in our care to Celebrate Life’s Stories in a time where they otherwise may have thought wouldn’t be possible. We sincerely thank our senior volunteers who spend countless hours of their time supporting our mission. You make a difference!

If you see yourself in any of the roles above, join us as a volunteer! An application and background check need to be in place prior to onboarding. Learn more and apply today by clicking here.

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